Sunday, 19 April 2009

MS Awareness

I finally remembered to ring my motor insurance company to tell them I have MS. It made no difference to my policy other than they made a note about my (Grrrr...) temporary license.

One curious fact about MS is that the further away from the equator you go, the higher the incidence of MS. Consequently Canada and Scandinavian countries have some of the highest incidences of MS in the world. Even in the UK, The prevalence of MS is higher in Scotland than in England. It is also higher in the north of Scotland than the south.

Anyway, I told the call centre operative, somewhere in India, that "I have multiple sclerosis."

"You have what, sorry?"


"Oh!... OK, you have MS... please wait for a moment..." on hold for about a minute... "Hello? What is MS?"

"It is a chronic degenerative neurological disease."

"Oh, OK, please wait while I check..." on hold again... "OK, I have made a note on your record that you have a neurological disease."

It is World MS Awareness Week next week. I have started early.

PS - Hi to Herrad, Richie and SwissToni - thanks for the recent comments

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