Monday, 29 December 2008

Time off

I've been feeling pretty good since my last post. Not affected by the Rebif much at all. Tonight it's the turn of my belly to get the jab. Possibly my least favourite jab site. It always hurts, despite being the site with the most fat to plunge the needle into.

I really must start running in the new year. I gave it up a year and a half ago when my youngest daughter was born and a relapse and diagnosis of MS put it on the back burner for a while. I heard someone quote once that if you give MS an inch, it will park a truck in it, so I'm not going to give it an inch... I'll run the risk of Uhthoff and fatigue and I'll work that belly off. I am a stone heavier than my "comfortable" weight and about a stone and a half heavier than my target weight.

The girls are off to Manchester to visit friends and family for a couple of days, giving me some "time off," though if you think of time off as me putting my feet up, think again. I have a couple of rooms to clear and a wooden floor to clean and varnish. I also have a few other DIY jobs up my sleeve as a (pleasant) surprise for when the girls come back.

Even though I can hear the reversing beeps of a lorry and my MS MonSter leaning out of the cab window waiting, I know I mustn't overdo it. I am a world class procrastinator and I have a film to watch (4 Months 3 Weeks & 2 Days), so I'm off to stick the kettle on...

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